Feira Communications is a wholly owned Zambian Corporate Communications solutions provider. We provide a bespoke support platform for our clients who require our services in Public Relations, Corporate Affairs, Marketing, Advertising, Voice Over recording, Television production, Corporate Event hosting, Crisis Management, Image Building and Social Media management.  Feira Communications services an expanding array of international and local clients.

How We Operate

Rather than adopt the standard “parachute consultant” style of doing business, the Feira Communications modus operandi is to become a member of the client’s team and build successful campaigns and disruptions from the ground up using the building blocks of first-hand client insights gleaned during briefing and planning meetings. Constant feedback sessions with clients allow for effective implementation of controls and pro-active adjustments to campaigns.

Our Commitment

Feira Communications is committed to providing Forward-thinking, Energetic, Innovative, Relevant and Aggressive Corporate Communications solutions to our clients with a view to speedy turn-around time and measurable returns on investment. We have a profound respect for client confidentiality and always conduct our business in a professional and dignified manner.

We are Feira Communications and we are looking forward to telling your story and working with you in Making History One Word at a Time.